David Russell

Message from MD

White Diamond would like to be your favorite Producer

White diamond Co.Ltd is a jewelry manufacturer. We produce goods for clients in Europe,Australia,Japan U.A.E Thailand and the U.S.A
The products range from 21 karat down to 8 karat and Silver. We produce goods sold in many large stores in all the above countries. Our clients have us produce for them as they know we will not produce their line for anyone else. Our motto has always been
"We want to be your best jewelry producer"

Development history

White Diamond Company Limited was established on September 3, 1987 to run the jewelry manufacturing business for export. The company has filed and was promoted by the Board of Investment on January 8, 1988 to meet the needs of the company's expansion. Therefore, WD increased capital from 22,000,000.00 baht in 1987 to 50,000,000.00 baht in 1990.

In 1995, the Board of Directors changed from the set of the company to the executive committee in the current set. And has expanded exports with records from 1995 of 373,238 pieces in 2000
On November 30, 2005, the establishment was moved to Anya Thani Industrial Estate to support the development and expansion of the company in order to suit the increasing production capacity.
The business of the company has progressed steadily, and has introduced new technology and advanced tools for use in the production process This is due to the vision of the management team that wants to improve the company to be up-to-date at all times.

Quality Policy

The management team of White Diamond Company Limited is committed to quality and continuous improvement in all parts of the organization. By working together as a team and allowing all employees to participate in continuous quality improvement processes to achieve quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction goals.

Quality goals of White Diamond Company Limited is to maintain and improve the quality of the products to meet the needs of customers, and the internal needs of the company at all times. The management team of White Diamond Company Limited is committed to during at work hours, especially in health and the safety of employees, customers and the public as a whole.